Saturday, May 2, 2009

WIR #5

Been a busy week, particularly with CMG, where it was Kid606 Week™ for me. Check it!

Interview: Kid606
Anticipating the release of Shout At The Döner, I spoke to Miguel De Pedro about a whole host of subjects, for an engaging discussion long enough to warrant publication in two parts. Hear about his perspectives on running a record label, how he makes his tracks, what he thinks of the explosion of the mashup scene he pioneered, how Xiu Xiu's Jamie Stewart is unexpectedly hilarious, moving to Berlin, and much, much, more.
Part 1 at Cokemachineglow
Part 2 at Cokemachineglow

Kid606 - Shout At The Döner (Tigerbeat6; 2009)
Score: 84/100
The full-length return of Kid606 from his hiatus. Following the the dubstep phatness of last year's Die Soundboy Die, Döner is a return to the rave-obliterating madness of albums like Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You. This time, we also get zombie references. That, and it's one of his most solid releases.
Full review at Cokemachineglow

The Juan Maclean - The Future Will Come (DFA; 2009)
Score: 75/100
Co-authored with Calum Marsh (okay, being honest, he wrote 2/3 of it then asked me to add stuff, and is dude enough to give me co-writing credit). DFA's non-label-owning star returns with a second full-length, following the pure bliss that was "Happy House" (which appears in full form at the end of The Future). You'll wish some of the tracks went longer, but things could certainly be worse than that.
Full review at Cokemachineglow

Mauxuam - Viceversa (Interchill; 2008)
Score: 3/5
Worldly Italian producer returns from three years of traveling with this glitched-out aural document. While it's at times weighted down by its socio-political concerns, we've still got a worthwhile think piece on our hands.
Full review at the milk factory